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Writing on Beach
My New Beach Home as of 2024
I'm leaving Virginia! Leaving Virginia to produce new things. 
A new state! A single family home! Beginning July, I'm here!

Yahushua has blessed me with the opportunity to purchase a new home, signaling a much needed change.

It was time to leave Virginia and embark on a new chapter. With the invaluable encouragement from my friend Joy, I found the courage to return to a place I once called home—California. While my new house is not a grand mansion, it is mine, and it represents a significant upgrade from the home I had in Virginia for the past three years. This move symbolizes new beginnings and the creation of new memories with my family and my friend Joy, while laying old ones to rest. Starting July, I will be relocating to my new home pictured below, leaving the state of Virginia behind for this exciting and life-changing new beginning. My new base! A home near the beach and void of all aspects of my life in Virginia.

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