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The Devil was not the KKK, it was a Black
Judas Skinfolk! named Alexandria. She
wanted to destroy a Black man's dreams.

The Character

   Alexandria Jezebel Wright

    Character trait list for Alexandria Jezebel Wright

  1. Former Cult Member: Raised in a demonic cult until the age of 17, mentored by both the cult leader and her parents.

  2. Mentally Challenged: Diagnosed with mild mental retardation, which may influence her decision-making and interactions.

  3. Ex-Porn Actress and Model: Has a background in the adult entertainment industry.

  4. Political Affiliation: Registered as a Black Republican Conservative, with strong political beliefs that may influence her actions and relationships.

  5. Health Challenges: Infected with STDs such as Bacterial Vaginosis and Herpes, which could impact her physical and emotional well-being.

  6. Criminal Activities: Engages in professional thievery and con artistry, indicating a penchant for deceit and manipulation.

  7. Personality Disorder: Diagnosed with Covert Narcissistic Personality, suggesting a pattern of self-centered behavior and lack of empathy.

  8. Occult Practices: Actively involved in witchcraft and New Age spirituality, possibly using these beliefs for personal gain or empowerment.

  9. Dishonesty: Known to be a habitual liar and cheater, making trust a scarce commodity in her relationships.

  10. Betrayal: Prone to chronic backstabbing, demonstrating a lack of loyalty and willingness to exploit others for personal advantage.

The Movie

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