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       The Movie about The Demon                    Alexandria Jezebel Wright


Alexandria displayed the traits of abandoner akin to her Judas

mother and exhibited a lack of courage akin to her father—she was

a deceptive figure reminiscent of Judas and Delilah, sneaking and

slithering behind her husband's back. Engaging in deceitful, vulgar

actions and conniving schemes. She behaved in a manner akin to a  malevolent force. Her mind appeared to be in a state of moral decay,

and her spirit was totally devoid of any semblance of love or humanity,

leading to her rejection by God and an ominous fate of damnation to  hell with a reprobate mind and prostitute ways seeking new supply.

But she forgot her marriage oath before God. In the beginning of the  so called relationship, done to avoid fornication, she swore on

her family and sisters, that infedility or betrayal would equal curses

and/or death. She pimped God. But God is not mocked! You reap, what you sow. Her sister died as a result of her breached oath to


Storyline: Alexandria Wright meets Elijah Martinez and the demonic journey begins. Elijah Martinez finds himself ensnared in a romantic involvement with Alexandria Wright, an unfaithful Covert Narcissist.

She convinces him they were soulmates and they take a vow before

God for His blessing with the penalty of betrayal being death. After

years pass, Alexandria forgets her vows and begins cheating behind Elijah's back. Just a week before Christmas, she abruptly betrays him. 

To his astonishment, she swiftly transitions to a new relationship, while

bringing with her the unsettling diagnosis of transmitting an incurable

sexually transmitted disease to her new partner. Then came her Karma.

Her spiritual leader was a con man and so is she, her own daddy 

abandoned her, he knew she was trash, so she did the same, her

sick minded mother left her for dead at age 8 and she did that to all fake relationship and friend she had. A black "Narc" is equal to the

KKK or a Satanist. Black Lives do not matter to them. They destroy

black people's lives like racist and demons until they die.   

If you have been the victim of Narcissistic abuse,

get help here:

Producers and writers S.V. Henson, Jr. and Joy Carter

אַל־תִּגְּעוּ בִּמְשִׁיחָי וּבִנְבִיאַי אַל־תָּרֵעוּ׃ פ


You can Dupe people, but you will pay for Duping God! Galations 6:7

EPIC/NCA/GOLDWYNMotion Pictures Group

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Denzel Washington

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Filthy Scum
Con Artist
Phony Bitch
Mentally ill Reprobate
Meat Suit

Demon Jezebel Spirit Wife Covert Narciss
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