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The Birth Of Carter & Henson Productions
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Carter & Henson

The Handler and The Visionary

By 2020, the global pandemic had inflicted considerable financial strain on Henson, with theater closures leading to the loss of his staff, office, and investors. Seeking solace, Henson found solace in a burgeoning romance with a young actress from the west coast. When he shared this news with Ms. Carter, Joy expressed reservations about the actress, considering her a potential opportunist. Despite Joy's warnings, Henson embarked on a long-distance relationship with the actress, culminating in her proposal of marriage and subsequent three-year cohabitation. Throughout this period, the actress betrayed Henson repeatedly, engaging in infidelity and theft. In a carefully orchestrated scheme, she disappeared on Christmas Eve.  Joy Carter's foresight was proven remarkably accurate when it was later revealed that the actress was a covert narcissist, known con artist,scammer, and opportunist, with a tarnished reputation in her hometown. Henson was devastated by the betrayal and sought emotional and spiritual support from his friends, actress Mona E. and former assistant Joy Carter. In response to Henson's plight, Ms. Carter provided not only encouragement and friendship but also  assembled investment funds to alleviate Henson's company debts. During this challenging period, Carter proposed a business partnership, leading to the collaborative writing of a script about their experiences. This marked the rebirth of their creative partnership under the banner of Carter & Henson Productions. Their film, titled "Duped" (The Jezebel Experience), was inspired by Ms. Carter's advice to transform adversity into opportunity and pain into empowerment. Now united as eternal partners, Henson and Carter commemorate their journey with a formal event on December 24, 2024, symbolizing their resilience and triumph over adversity. The event will be recorded as a reality TV event for Amazon Prime.

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Joy Carter's Rules and Wisdom

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Carter & Henson


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